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Combe Valley 3

The final walk in this series enabled the hardy Green champions / Friends of Nature to trek across the damp soggy earth following the steam through the east side of the Combe Have Countryside Park. The going was rather lumpy but we managed to walk right into the heart of the reedbeds.  The walk took approx 90 minutes and on this pleasant autumn morning and the whole group enjoyed this opportunity to walk together in the fading sunshine.


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Church in the Wood

29 August 2013   This walk involved a two and half hour walk to and from Church in the Wood, taking in children’s play area just off Church Wood Drive and the recreation ground. Much of the walk involved pavement walking through residential parts of Hollington until we arrived at the play area for a quick go on the roundabout and a rest. Half an hour later we arrived at the serene Church in the Wood where we met some friendly puppies and looked at some of the carvings on the gravestones. On the way back we sauntered under the cooling shade of the woods and hugged a tree on route – an idea suggested by Liz, Maria and Sheree,  who had all been taking part in Debbie’s Summer Well being Class – an activity they all clearly enjoyed !

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Combe Valley 2

15 August 2013 First trip with Green Champions to Combe Valley to meet Kim and some of the other Champions. We made an an hour long walk down to the lake and back looking at insects with Kim’s insect viewer. There were plenty of wild flowers and plants to identify and we picked some to take back to West St.Leonards Children’s Centre where  we made some prints and drawings whilst Kim helped us name them.

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Alexandra Park

1 August 2013 Armed with cameras once again Green Champions and Friends of Nature  John and Joan spent a happy and sunny morning in Alexandra Park. There were noticeably fewer insects around even though there were more plants, albeit more cultivated ones, than we found on the industrial estate a few weeks ago.

Despite the heat we made a mile long tour taking in the formally planted Rose and planted gardens as well as the  wilder parts in the more northerly section of the park. We came across a newly sectioned off bog area and two of the old fresh water springs.

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25 July 2013 On our doorstep  we discovered some ancient woods in the centre of the Ponswood industrial estate. We walked along the western edge of the estate and found nature burgeoning where man had lost interest !

On our walk through the factories and warehouses we found a broad range of wild flowers and insects gradually pushing through the concrete and taking over untrodden ground. We had cameras at the ready to record what we saw whilst Kim identified the different plants and insect life.

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18 July 2013 Kim from the Sussex Wildlife Trust is working with Horizons and other partners to help us explore Combe Valley Countryside park and closer to home some of the green spaces around us. We initially explore the area around the Hollington Flats, which around 50 years ago was farmland and allotments.

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Green spaces on our doorstep

27 June 2013 The Green Champions are the result of a partnership between Horizons and other local organisations such as West St.Leonards Children’s Centre, RVA and Sussex Wildlife Trust. These volunteers will encourage an increased use of the Combe Haven Countryside Park and other green spaces in order to promote better physical health and fitness. They will also help bring people together in natural spaces to help reduce a sense of isolation and increase individual’s sense of community and thereby reduce anxiety and low-level depression.